Weird Visuals

Weird Visulas was created as a solo project in the summer of 2019, founded by Antonín Srp. Over the following months, it grew by two more members, Anikó Puchalková and Lukáš Vaculčík. We are a group of three friends who share a love of life and experimental visual art. We work with analog projections, lighting effects and we like to discover techniques that have long been forgotten. We create vivid moving light images based on the psychedelic art of the 60’s known as the Liquid Light Show. You can most often see us at concerts or festivals, combining music with liquid colors into an absolutely liquidation experience.
Liquidation team

Liquid Light Show

Psychedelic analog projections are at the heart of Weird Visuals. The Liquid Light Show (LLS) has its roots in the 1960s in music clubs in San Francisco and New York. There, side by side with the rock’n’roll stars of the time, under the hands of the first pioneers, a new form of light visual art began to form and develop. We use analog overhead projectors and slide projectors for the light show. With the help of oil, paints and foils, we create optical illusions to support live concert performances on the spot and help create an unforgettable atmosphere and a unique audiovisual experience. LLS has the greatest potential in connection with live music, which is why we try to fuse a musical and visual perception with every performance. Giant bubbles, universes and nebulae of incredible color combinations are created. Colorful madness for eyes and brain. Get rid of Weird Visuals - Psychedelic Liquid Light Show Crew!



We enjoy cyanotype because of the deep blue color and the magical process. This is an alternative photography technique from 1842, which works on the principle of light sensitivity of iron salts. It gives us a wide range of opportunities to experiment with images, whether they are photographic negatives of objects or plants, from which so-called photograms are created. Cyanotype allows us to experiment with images and shift conceptual thinking. And those results! We create original limited series of hand prints and, if at least a little possible, we regularly hold open workshops to teach anyone this ancient technique.

Art prints

We enjoy free visual art, psychedelic motifs and alternative printing. That’s why we started producing original low-cost art prints. On paper in the form of posters using Risograf and on fabric in the form of clothes like several color screen printing.
All our works can be purchased, but currently only via email, we are working on more sophisticated methods.

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